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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 10, 2021 / Eugene Fanfan is the epitome of a self-made, and beyond his individual successes, he has used his self-made platform to help others find the same success. As the youngest of ten children, Eugene moved early to live with his aunt and uncle in a difficult area of ​​Miami, Florida after his mother passed away. Despite a lack of opportunities and stability, Eugene got a scholarship to the University of South Florida where he earned two bachelor’s degrees and opened his first business in 2013, a used car dealership. As the first company in the business world, running a wholly owned company for five years was an impressive achievement. After 2018, Eugene saw the landscape change and pivoted his business from brick and mortar to a virtual platform. Now he is able to work from home while balancing spending time with his family, while building his family’s legacy.

Today, Eugene runs a financial literacy business with a large team of agents who help individuals nationwide get their finances in order so they can gain financial freedom and break generational curses. . They work on credit restoration and provide resources for financial management like credit monitoring, identity protection and more.

“As a minority myself, I know my people don’t care about these things, no matter how small. When my mother passed away, we had nothing that protected her property and followed me for a long time. I wanted to be part of the change, ”Eugene said.

Eugene was inspired by the inequalities revealed by his time in the car sales industry to enter the financial literacy arena. After his stint in car sales, he saw the subprime rates that the communities he worked with were served, and it started to take its toll on him. He quickly realized that he was more motivated to help these communities than to sell them.

“I mainly served a minority population who felt they had no choice but to accept the tariffs because they needed a car. During tax season we would see individuals spending half if not their entire tax refund on a down payment for a car that would end up being repossessed a few months later when they couldn’t afford the payments anymore.It was a never-ending cycle and I didn’t want to be a part of it anymore , so I decided to be part of the change instead, so I went from the problem to the solution, ”says Eugene.

It’s clear that Eugene really wanted to make an impact on the lives of others. With this clear inspiration, Eugene has been able to help countless people transition from leasing to homeownership, helping them refinance their cars, or going from denial of credit to approval. With his team, Eugene is able to facilitate many lives and reduce the stress felt.

“When your finances are in order, your whole life will fall into place and that is my goal,” says Eugene.

By helping others succeed, Eugene is able to build success for himself and his family. For him, success means leaving a legacy that will be remembered.

“I have a family that depends on me and I intend to be successful in whatever means necessary. Success leaves an imprint on the lives of others. Success is about being disciplined with yourself so that you can Achieve Your Goals Success is the less traveled path that yields the most desirable results, ”says Eugene.

Over the coming year, Eugene is focused on expanding his real estate portfolio to secure generational wealth for himself and his family.

Eugene can be found on his website and on Instagram.


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