Suning Finance receives AAA rating for domestic credit


NANJING, China, February 21, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Enabled February 14th, Suning Finance made its debut among the top national credit ratings for the first time. Its long-term credit rating was set at AAA and its rating outlook was “stable”. Currently, only 52 private companies nationwide have received AAA ratings. This means that Suning Finance has obtained the same credit rating as the large state-owned commercial banks and national joint-stock commercial banks.

Regarding the above decision, United Credit believes that Suning Finance has solid shareholder experience and strong capital. After years of development, it has now established a diversified core financial structure, leveraging the advantages of Suning ecosystem resources and the omnichannel layout of O2O integration. The scale and income of the financial enterprise continued to grow rapidly.

As a pioneer of online-to-offline (O2O) finance in China, Suning Finance is positioned as a financial technology company offering the integration and development of O2O. It has always adhered to and practiced the development model of “scenario finance + fintech = inclusive finance”, focusing on supply chain finance, trade finance, consumer credit, payments, management. assets and the main “5 + 1” fintech export activities.

In 2019, Suning Finance successfully closed the C round of tens of billions of financing, the post-investment valuation reached 56 billion, the transaction volume exceeded one trillion marks for three consecutive years, and the number of active customers has exceeded 70 million. Pay Suning daily offline scan code breakthrough 100,000 transactions, the supply chain financial investment has exceeded 100 billion. And successfully secured 2 international syndicated loans and successively issued 6 phases of supply chain finance ABS and 1 phase of consumer finance ABS, which fully demonstrates that business capabilities, asset quality and Suning Finance’s market reputation have been highly recognized by domestic and foreign authorities. financial institutions.

Based on the root “innovative financial technology leads development”, Suning Finance continues to improve its technological capabilities, especially blockchain technologies to be applied in many scenarios, such as data sharing, payment, mortgage and BaaS. Going forward, Suning Finance will continue to provide top quality financial services and operate on the concept of integrity, stability and discretion to become a reliable and highly influential comprehensive financial services company.

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